Amik Plastificanti Srl was born in 2015 as a natural evolution of the experience gained over the years by Amik Italia Spa in import and resales of Epoxidized soybean oil (ESBO). This experience leds to the construction of a plant which is capable to produce about 10.000 tons of ESBO each year marketed under the brand name “Kimasol DB”. The company has quickly become a leader in the production and sale area  in national and European market thanks to its high quality, production efficiency and capacity of “just-in-time delivery”

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Generic name: Epoxidized soybean oil, ESBO
CAS: 8013-07-8

Technical data sheet of Kimasol DB

Packaging: IBC’s, Bulk and Drums
Product storage: about 500 tons storage of finished product to ensure prompt delivery to the customer

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Kimasol DB appearance comes under light yellow oily liquid that derives from epoxidized of refined soy bean (deodorized) and is used as a plasticizer and co-stabilizer especially in PVC area, resins, paints and rubber. Due to its vegetable origin, the product is widely used in medical and food sector. In general, in all the areas where legislation provides the absence of phtalates.


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Since 2017, Amik Plastificanti is the main sponsor of Gentleman Fair play Awards, which promotes social and solidarity initiatives by raising funds for humanitarians associations and fundations operating in the sports sector.

Amik Plastificanti will attend the next fair… in Dusserdolf.
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